What is the starting price for Topology Eyewear?

Topology Eyewear starts at $549 for non-prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, or $698 for standard "Single Vision" prescription eyeglasses. This includes both the frame AND the lens.

What is included in the price?

What we NEVER charge extra for:

There are several things your optical often up-sells you to pay extra for, but we just just believe you should have them. So we include these for you by default, at no extra cost.

How does my prescription affect the price?

The following lens options are available at the following additional price:

We do not charge you extra for:

Premium lens upgrades available

The following items can be added to any order if you choose:

Are there any prescription types Topology does not support?

We don't currently offer "Prism" lenses.

Any other questions or requirements?

Please contact us by using the chat icon in the bottom-right of any page, or within the app itself.